Existential Warriors

As a career warrior a lot is expected from us. We expect a lot from ourselves. Our physical performance and ability to carry out our specific function is something we take pride in. Our skill and knowledge are things in our lives we can control. We train hard, go to special schools, work out, all […]

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What Kind of America Do You Want?

Equality, freedom, liberty, are a few buzzwords we hear everyday in America. We’re the best. We’re the freest. We have the most equal and democratic society. Merica! These are the slogans of the institutionalized swine of the 21st century. To understand the illusory American Dream; we have to understand what fair and equal means. But […]

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Commercialized Nausea

If you’re American, you most likely enjoy buying things. Things that you enjoy. Things that you can work on. Things that say something about yourself. In another light you are advertising. We wear brands. We drive brands. We use brands. We furnish our homes with brands. We become branded. Surely, I recognize the irony of […]

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Memorial Day Meditation

Memorial Day is a poignant moment in time for some Americans. Of course, it goes without saying that some people are detached from the realities of war and it’s effects. What is most interesting to me is no matter how many wars we have, or how long they last, or how many friends, fathers, mothers, […]

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The Nightmare of Success

“You are a citizen of a great and powerful nation. Are you not ashamed that you give so much time to the pursuit of money and reputation, and honours, and care so little for truth and wisdom and the improvement of your soul?” Socrates, The Apology* What does success mean? What is the American Dream? […]

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Wake Me Up

Have you been in a experience that didn’t feel real? You were awake, yet your brain and eyes, and ears zoomed out and blurred your cognition like a dream state. You were paralyzed in motion and thought by everything going on around you. Unable to make sense and rationalize reality as you knew it. A […]

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